The small flat area has a good location where from the windows of the rooms opens panorama of the park area. The landscape behind the window has become the main accent of the interior design. It is emphasized by white walls and light natural texture.

The room is divided into two parts by a wooden white partition with tempered glass. One of the parts is a bedroom with a workplace, the other is a small living room. The dark bed is contrastingly stands out and at the same time looks harmoniously thanks to the rounded back form. Near the windows there is a work desk that can also serve as a dressing table, thanks to daylight. Near the windows there is a work desk which thanks to the sunlight can also serve as a dressing table. In the part of the living room there is a sofa with a dresser with some landscaping in front of it (possibility to place TV). The partition is transparent so the sunlight falls into two parts of the room. The central element of the kitchen is a round table with soft armchairs. A small working surface is designed in a monochrome gamma.

The kitchen countertop is made of labradorite, which adds contrast and décor thanks to its glossy surface and pattern. The furniture facades of the kitchen are made of brass.

The bathroom is made in light colors with an emphasis on mirrors and lighting elements. A tile with a relief on the walls emphasizes the counter-illuminated mirror. Taking into account the small bathroom size, the separate standing bathtub looks smaller and complements the light interior. A number of mirrored cabinets with decorative handles serves the storage of things and the heater.

The contrasting color of the corridor walls is emphasizing a decor mold on the ceiling and chandeliers. Lighting devices are complemented by a modern cupboard. To store things and clothes in the apartment there is a wardrobe room.