The office is located in the business center of Kiev.

The total area of the office is 240 sq m, which includes an office hall, lounge with reception, two offices and a meeting room.

The main aspect in the design of the office project was zoning.

The open space with the workplaces is the basis of the office. This option is chosen partly due to the architecture of the rooms. The office is located on the last floor of the building, on the ceiling – dormer windows, the total height to the ceiling in different parts varies from 3 to 8 m. The room also has groups of panoramic windows.

The stylistics of the project is a continuation of the architecture of the
interior. The main task of which: to emphasize geometry, natural light and landscape views in panoramic windows. In the design of the office room there is almost no details, cabinets are hidden in the niche, and the major of attention focuses on desks with a tree texture . The composite center of the hall is the lounge area, with views on the city’s architecture.

Partitions with matte glass were used to zone the conference room and one of the offices. Thanks to the partition walls the lack of natural light in the conference room is compensated, visually the office becomes more spacious.

In the main hall there are several zones with workplaces. The location of the zones is developed in accordance with the working process in the company. For storage of things and documents in the office there are cabinets, which are built in niches.

Entrance group of the company’s office is located in the lobby. Upon leaving the elevator, the secretary’s work area and waiting area, a dresser for the visitor’s outerwear are set up.